Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

The Gateway Arch is a 630 feet high inverted catenary of stainless steel, according to the Auto Club book. That does not quite describe how magnificent it is. We arrived late in the afternoon, driving over the Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge from Illinois, right into a downtown St. Louis filled with commuters trying to get out of the city for Memorial Day weekend, Cardinals fans trying to park for the evening's game, tourists, gamblers hoping for a big win at the riverboat casinos and conventioneers. The Family Dog was a little overwhelmed. This was the most urban environment he's ever seen, and he had to cross a really big street. But the Auto Club book listed the Gateway to the West as one of the national monuments where pets are welcome, and we didn't want to deprive him of his chance to see a national monument. Also, it is situated in a beautiful park right on the Mississippi River, and he was more impressed by a couple of trees in the park than he was by the arch itself. Different travelers have different experiences on the same trip.


Anonymous said...

He probably would like to blog about the types of trees he saw on his venture.

Leslie said...

I offered to let him write an entry but he said he can't type with no opposable thumbs.