Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreaming On

Here we are almost two weeks into the new year and already those earnest and so well intentioned resolutions are collecting dust somewhere on the back shelf of that weird kitchen cupboard next to the dishwasher that no one except a person with arms four feet long, eyes on springs, and a flashlight for a nose could ever find or reach. We're wondering why we wasted our time creating them!
But wait.
Even if they just sit on that shelf and collect dust, their creation was far from a waste of time. Resolutions are restatements of hopes and dreams and those are important things to restate and revisit because if we don't we're apt to lose track of them.
Okay. Maybe I won't walk three miles a day every day for the next year. But my resolution to do so reminds me that exercise is important to me.
So don't worry about that weird shelf. Let the resolutions lie.
Here's what's important.
Hang on to the hopes and the dreams regardless of how far fetched they may seem or how many people tell us to forget them.
Our dreams nourish and define us.  They matter.  So do we.

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