Monday, January 9, 2012

It's not the hair that makes the man.

His hair started falling out about 6 months ago, at the time it was one "spot." Over time it spread, no longer was it "localized" it became "generalized." It was significant enough that other kids at his school started to ask him about it. Recently he turned 13 years old, kind of a cruddy time in life to be in the throws of an autoimmune disorder that causes Alopecia. Over the recent Holiday, he had two weeks off from school, and decided that it was time "to just buzz it." Today he returned to school. He refused a ride to school, he refused to have his mom or dad contact the principal to see if he could wear a hat, "I just need to do this dad" he said. We text back and forth several times, until he told me, "i'm in dad, I'm good." When I got home from work we talked, "everybody asked what the deal was, I just told them the truth, ya know my hair was falling out and I had it buzzed." Now admittedly he was a little annoyed with the repeated questions about the "buzz", but stuck to his script. I did a little economics with him and talked about the law of diminishing returns and that people will be less interested in his hair as the week progresses and move on to other things, "I know dad." I could not imagine having the guts, grace and the uncanny ability to compartmentalize like this kid 13, cool kid, think I'll keep him.

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