Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sweet Wrong Number

Last night a little after eleven my cell phone rang.  The caller's number displayed as restricted.  Since I am almost always on call for work, I answered in my typical on call fashion:

Mary:  This is Mary
Caller:  May I speak to Michelle?
Mary:  Sorry.  There's no one named Michelle here.  You must have the wrong number.
Caller:  Seriously?  There's no one named Michelle there?  Are you sure?
Mary:  I'm sure.  What number did you dial?
Caller:  (By the way, the caller is male.)  (And at this point he recited my cell phone number.)
Mary:  Wow!  That's my phone number all right.  But there's still no one named Michelle here.
Caller:  Oh, man!  This is so disappointing.  I was at a party last night and I met this amazing woman named Michelle.  I asked her for her phone number and this is the number she gave me.
Mary:  Maybe you wrote it down wrong?
Caller:  I repeated it back to her.  Oh, this is so rude.  My name is Josh.
Mary:  Hi, Josh.  I'm Mary.
Caller:  Hi Mary.  I feel so silly.  Do you think she didn't want me to call her?
Mary:  Josh, anything is possible.  Those things happen.
Caller:  Mary, could I talk to you for awhile.
Mary:  Josh, I assure you I am not the woman of your dreams.
Caller:  Oh, yeah.  I'm so sorry.  I'll say good-bye now.
Mary:  Bye, Josh.  And good luck to you.
Caller:  Thanks.  I really appreciate that.

And then he hung up and so did I.

Michelle, seriously.  Next time just tell the guy you don't want him to call you.  And by the way, I think you should have given Josh your real phone number.  He sounded like a great guy.

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