Sunday, January 8, 2012

The R In The Circle

A week ago, Niko asked what the little "R" in the circle means. I did my best to explain what a registered trademark is. But, I think cost projections for his education just rose dramatically. He's in his room playing, and I just heard this discussion take place between, I suppose, Batman & Robin; "That was Jokah, after him!" "Wait, who did you say it was?" "Jokah, he just robbed the bank." "You mean 'Joker'." "No, 'Joker' is trademarked. That was 'Jokah'. Go get him." "Who's 'Jokah'?" "He's a bad guy like 'Joker', but we can get sued if we say 'Joker'." "Oh, OK, Which way did he go?"

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