Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An End Of The World Sunset

I left work a little early this evening -- about five o'clock.  Driving west on the 210 freeway was a most and unusual undertaking.  The entire sky was streaked red and purple.  The entire sky.  At first I thought, 'Wow.  What an amazing sunset.'  It was truly an amazing sunset.  Then I got to thinking that I had never, ever, seen a sunset like that in California.  Then I got to thinking some more that I had never, ever, seen a sunset like that in my entire life -- not even in Arizona famous for its sunsets.  Then, of course, I got to thinking that such sunsets can only herald the end of the world.  Then I got to thinking that this sunset must be what living on Mars looks like all the time.  And then I remembered that something is going on with the sun (or went on with the sun early this morning) which caused Delta Airlines to cancel some of its high flying flights (or rather some of its higher flying flights because presumably most of its flights fly high).  And then I thought, "Okay.  We'll all probably survive this sunset."
So then I just appreciated it and then I was home.
Welcome to my world where a fantastic sunset is never just a fantastic sunset.

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Tom Walker said...

I saw that Jan. 24 sunset spread out across the Tucson sky and naturally took it as a special gift to mark my 70th birthday. But then I opened the birthday card from you, Leslie, and Bradford and forgot all about the sunset. Thank you for reminding me again of that wonderful gift from the sun, clouds, dust, smog, whatever -- and for helping make my birthday one of the best days of my life.