Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amelia Earhart Is In Miami

Once safely on the tarmac of the correct airport, Amelia will not leave Miami until June 1.  During this stay the public preparations will continue.  The Lockheed will be checked and rechecked for air worthiness.  Charts will be reviewed and re-reviewed.  Weather forecasts will be carefully studied.  And of course, she will want to make absolutely certain that her navigator, Fred Noonan, directs her to the correct landing site on each leg of the journey to avoid another misadventure like yesterday's when she briefly landed at the Eastern Air Lines 36th Street Airport which was closed with no one in the control tower.  She taxied up, realized Fred's error, took off and six minutes later landed at the Miami Municipal Airport.  While the mechanic Bo McKnelly stayed with the Electra in a hangar, Amelia, Noonan, and Putnam went to a hotel.
Even though her navigator directed her to the closed airport, Amelia must surely have noticed on approach that the control tower was closed.  How distracted was she with her private plans, the island of Nani, and Pilapan?  The only place you can discover her distraction is But This Is Different at

"My ambition is to have this wonderful gift produce practical results for the future of commercial flying and for the women who may want to fly tomorrow's planes." - Amelia Earhart
In the photograph Amelia continues to make public plans for her around the world flight.


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