Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22 - Amelia Leaves Tucson, Lands In New Orleans

In her own words:  "The next morning at Tucson a dense sandstorm blocked our way.  But despite it we took off, leap-frogging at 8,000 feet over El Paso with a seemingly solid mass of sand billowing below us like a turbulent yellow sea.  That night we reached New Orleans ...."  The four stayed in the hotel at the Shushan Airport, constructed on a man-made peninsula in Lake Pontchartrain.  When the airport opened in 1934 its opening ceremonies hosted the Pan-American Air Races which, ironically, banned women from participating.
In the photograph is the Shushan Airport where, during her over night stay, Amelia might very well have yearned for her secret destination where another waited for her as told in But This Is Different at http://butthisisdifferent.com.

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