Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Date She Just Wanted Time To Sit In The Sun

As the time for take off grew nearer seventy-five years ago, what Amelia Earhart wanted more than anything was time for a swim and a sun bath.  "I just don't get the chance," she was heard to remark.  Reports do indicate that she got several sun burns from sitting in the pilot's cabin of the all metal Lockheed Electra while testing its instruments and engines.  Those exposures to the sun, she was heard to say, were "... not the same thing at all as a good sun bath; I want to soak up a little sunshine, not be fried by it."  Of course, as told in But This Is Different at, Amelia would soon have all the time in the world for swimming and soaking up a little sunshine.  Until that time, though, the best she could hope for was a little time to stretch and rest.

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