Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Only Four Days To Go

Doubtless at this time, Amelia's focus was divided between making sure the Lockheed was ready for the flight and wondering if her secret plan would actually work.  It's all there for you to discover in But This Is Different at  Step into this speculative world for a completely different story of Amelia's final attempt at flying around the world.

Meanwhile, back in Oakland, Amelia's Electra, designated NR16020, was a modified Lockheed Model 10E with a range of more than 4,000 miles, a cruising speed of approximately 190 miles per hour, and able to climb to over 19,400 feet above sea level. She had multiple modifications made to the plane so it could handle long-distance flights. She added more fuel tanks for a total of six in the wings and six in the fuselage, increasing the total carrying capacity to 1,150 gallons of fuel. Basically, she turned it into a flying fuel tank with barely enough room for her navigator. She also modified the electronic equipment, adding a Western Electric radio and a Bendix radio direction finder—cutting-edge technology at the time. These numerous modifications made Earhart’s Electra a oneofakind aircraft.

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