Saturday, May 5, 2012

How Do They Know?

In my comings and goings around Glendale, California, I have often passed the Kabab Way restaurant on Glendale Avenue and Acacia Street, and whenever I do, it gets me wondering.  Their sign boasts that you will not get heartburn from their food.  Well, of course I hope not.  But how can they be so sure?  I once had a stomach ailment for a few weeks and just about everything I ate gave me heartburn.  If I had eaten a meal at Kabab Way during that time, it probably would have given me heartburn.  I'm sure there are people whose insides are far more delicate than mine, and eating their kabab would probably set them off.  And if you do get heartburn from their food, what are you supposed to do?  Go back to the restaurant with a doctor's note and get your money back?

Someday, I will eat at Kabab Way, just to get the answers to some of these questions.  But in the meantime, it keeps my mind busy while I'm driving around.

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