Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stopping Time At Social Security

Time really does stand still when you're in the Social Security office.  I know this for a fact because I entered the crowded Ellis Island like room at 12:15 and, after going through a metal detector, noticed right away that the big clock on the wall had stopped at 8:40 either morning or evening on some day or other.  For the two hours I sat waiting to beg for a replacement social security card because I had put mine years ago in a now forgotten safe place the hands on the clock did not move nor did anyone even seem interested in getting them moving.
When time stands still at the Social Security office no one cares, apparently.
I waited two hours.  Toward the end of my wait the security guards cautioned people just entering the large and completely not an empty chair crowded waiting room that the wait would be at least three hours.  What the security guards didn't mention was that the office closed at 3:30 so there wasn't a prayer of a chance that someone entering at 2:00 would ever make it up the line to talk to anyone except the security guard.
I should mention that my number was 53.  When the next number was 12 a woman just entering asked someone to shout out that she was in the restroom should her number be called.  Her number was 87 and unless she was planning on performing a major organ transplant on herself in the restroom there was little chance 87 would be called that day.
Finally it was announced that anyone waiting to ask for a replacement card should line up at window 7 and I was first -- you better believe me -- in that line.  The woman who helped me was charming, efficient, and polite.  Come to find out we share the same birthday.
Her mood, the way she treated me, and that she took the time to share with me our common date of birth made the wait seem like nothing.
And that, my friends, is the power we have when we choose positive energy.
Go for it.

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