Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tomorrow Is Take Off Day

Tomorrow, seventy-five years ago, Amelia Earhart will leave Miami to officially begin the flight from which she will allegedly never return.
"Prior to that dawn of June first, when A.E. took her silver plane up into the sunrise at Miami, she confided a secret," wrote C. B. Allen of the New York Herald Tribune. "Amelia Earhart's equatorial flight around the world was to have been her last great aerial adventure - a final fling at spectacular flying."  Amelia herself remarked that, "I have a feeling that there is just about one more good flight left in my system and I hope this trip is it." She asked that these remarks not be made public until she had completed her journey.  Of course, those who have read But This Is Different know that many years would pass before Amelia would complete that journey.
And on this date seventy-five years ago, Amelia surely took time for last minute plans. Small, almost invisible, islands in the South Pacific are hard to find -- especially if they aren't on any maps.

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