Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Friends Doesn't Mean Forever

Wait another second here.
Still reeling from the Beijing and Edwards betrayals we find ourselves staring into the face of yet another 'what's going on here' situation.
Weren't George Bush and Vladimir Putin supposed to be best buddies?
Down on the ranch didn't they cut brush and ride in pick up trucks and spit and do all sorts of cowboy male bonding stuff?
Is this the same guy described by Bush after their first summit meeting in Slovenia as being a straightforward and trustworthy man? Didn't Putin tell the world that he regarded Bush as a real partner or 'pardner' depending on how long he stayed on that Texas acreage we all so admiringly call 'the ranch'? After that first summit meeting didn't George Bush actually say that he could look Vladimir Putin 'right in the eye and get a sense of his soul'? That's pretty remarkable, come to think of it. I wouldn't think there are too many people our president could ever look right in the eye. And yet several years ago he was able to look into Putin's eyes. Maybe that should have been our first clue about the direction this friendship would take.
Too bad no one warned the people in Georgia.
Or for that matter, too bad no one warned us.

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Anonymous said...

Unremarkable. What an observation. I don't think Bush is smart enough to look anybody straight in the eye - let alone the citizens of the U.S. Could he possibly have that type of insight?