Thursday, August 7, 2008

Change Happens

So does a lot of other stuff.
But change just keeps its vigil and when we least expect it, there it is. Or we plan for it and deal with the rough patches in between one comfort zone and the next. But change will keep its steady pace.
Just a heads up.
I used to fly a light airplane. A Luscobe 8A, to be exact. Once an army trainer, it was an old tail dragger. I had to climb up on top of it, unscrew the gas cap, and push a stick down into the tank to see how much fuel I had left. There was no internal fuel gauge. The plane had an altimeter, a compass, and an artifical horizon. It also had some sort of instrument with which to measure the engine's revolutions per minute. That was it. With no starter, the propeller had to be spun to get the engine going. At one point early on it had been probably a bright yellow. By the time I bought it for one thousand three hundred dollars the paint was chipped and faded.
Here's the thing about fixed wing aircraft.
They are inherently stable.
If there is enough room between the airplane and the ground the plane can fix just about anything the pilot does to it. Put it into a spin. The plane can fix it. Stall it. The plane can fix it.
Only one thing is needed for the plane to tend to whatever the pilot dishes out.
The pilot must relinquish the controls over to the plane.
Take our hands off of the controls and stop trying to force the plane to do our bidding. And if there's enough room between the plane and the ground, the plane will right itself and resume a steady position.
The challenge is to take our hands off of the controls.
Change will happen.
No matter how hard we try to stop it.
Life is all about change.
The trick is to let it happen.


Anonymous said...

Oi! You are a pilot too? Listen...I know change has to occur, and it IS to be expected, but it can send one into a wind tunnel of sadness and/or despair OR it may send one to witsendmagazine to blow off some healthy steam. :>)

Anonymous said...

PLEEEASE tell Leslie thank you for the prayer of healing. She will be SO missed but she must follow her bliss. I wish her the very best nachus(?sp) and look forward to seeing you both soon. Would you believe Metallica is coming to the Ontario Arena? Be well LUV U both