Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why We Keep Buying 'It'

Well, this isn't looking good.
The cute kid who sang during the Olympic's opening ceremonies wasn't singing at all. Come to find out the real kid with the amazing voice wasn't deemed cute enough for prime time television so a really cute kid with lip syncing skills was brought in and we bought it.
And come to find out the people actually attending the opening ceremonies saw a fireworks display described by one eye witness blogger as having been no better than any July Fourth Dodger fireworks display while the rest of the world saw on television a breathtaking fireworks display that never happened except in a bunch of computers. The eye witness blogger added that it was far too smoggy to see anything anyway. And we bought it.
And then we discover that Senator John Edwards isn't the guy he claimed to be and that sordid bit of history just seems to keep getting more and more sordid. Yeah he probably still does really care about poverty and health care but he's just not quite who we thought he was and yet we bought the original John Edwards.
What's the deal here? Are we a bunch of suckers? Are we really wet behind the ears? Did we truly just fall off the rhubarb truck?
Or is it that we keep looking for the best and the purest and even in the face of overwhelming evidence that exhibits A and B and C were not quite what we believed, our search will always continue.
The fact that we keep searching and believing says a lot about who we are -- the dreamers and the seekers always ready to greet the new day ready to believe again.
And so we will keep on buying 'it' because we believe that 'it' really does exist -- somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I would say we are a bunch of dreamers; however, there those of us who can see through those dreams - but what good is that when we can't change a thing - we just keep on dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Rhubarb???I thought it was the turnip truck?? LOL! Who cares? They are both root veggies!