Monday, August 18, 2008

The Church and The State Need To Stay Apart

I was deeply troubled -- no, I was horrified -- when I heard Barack Obama declare during his interview with Rick Warren that Jesus is his savior and redeemer. I am not interested in learning the identity of his savior and redeemer. I don't care and neither should anyone else. That the presumed democratic candidate for president should participate in any type of 'I Can Praise The Lord Better Than You' circus is appalling. Clearly the thin line pretending to separate state and church is rapidly eroding.
The person who has benefited most from Saturday night's show and tell all event is the guy who made the thing happen. Perhaps the real presidential candidate is Rick Warren who just hours ago told Larry King that believing in God is essential for anyone desiring to be President of this country. Now, granted, he did not say that accepting Jesus as savior and redeemer is also essential but I worry that expectation is in there somewhere.
I have nothing against Jesus nor do I have anything against those who accept him as savior and redeemer. However, Jesus is not running for president. No religious icon is running for president. Religion, though, is beginning to run our presidential elections. And that is terrifying.
When I cast my ballot for the president of the country, I will vote for the person I believe to be ethical and honest and brave. I will vote for the person I believe cares passionately about hunger and homelessness and justice. I will vote for the person who consults and considers. I will vote for the person who can harness the wind for fuel, who can guarantee health care for all, and who will dare to resist the lure of greed. I will vote for the person who will best represent me.
I will not vote for the person with the best savior and redeemer.

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