Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav's Great Timing

Biloxi, Mississippi, six months post Katrina

Hurricane Gustav couldn't have better timing -- heading toward the Gulf Coast during an election year is good enough but during the Republican convention just about makes it perfect. What an opportunity for the current administration to spring into action with before the event readiness. Emergency response folks are already heading toward New Orleans. The RNC may even be delayed just to show how respectful and ready those Republicans can be.

Meanwhile back in Mississippi, Katrina's rampage still haunts lives devastated by the winds and the waters and the complete lack of government response.

Once again New Orleans - missed by Katrina but flooded by the failure of its own bulwarks -- is getting the bulk of media attention.

But what about the woman in Biloxi who, because she couldn't swim, tied herself to a utility pole and then watched with horror as a child was swept away in the flood waters. Will the FEMA trailer in which she still lives protect her from Gustav?

With the daily shrinking of the national attention span, let's put little post-its on our refrigerators reminding us that the Gulf Coast has not yet recovered from Katrina. Too bad that disaster didn't rip into the heart of Mississippi when the Republicans needed to prove their worth.

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