Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, the magazine for which I've been trekking to Ontario Mills the last week and a half finally arrived today. It was one thing to know about it, but it was quite another to actually see it on a magazine rack in a Virgin Megastore with The Nephew's face on a cover which has been graced by Queen and Led Zeppelin. In its thirty years of publication, Kerrang! has never put a new band on its cover till now. The Nephew is second from the right on the cover photo. Handsome fellow. Seeing it reminded me of the first time I met him. He was born a year after I moved to California, so although I became acquainted with his older sister and brother when they were just hours old, this one was eight months old before I got back East to meet him. As soon as I arrived, his mom took the older ones, ages four and five, off to somewhere they needed to go and I was left alone with the little one. It was the summer I was learning to sing Kol Nidre, the signature prayer of the Yom Kippur evening service, and it's not an easy melody. I would practice a phrase, and the baby would warble along with me. Hey, maybe he got his musical talent from me. Anyway, sorry to focus so much on The Gaslight Anthem, but we're all really proud of them. Have you listened to them yet?


Miss Crabby Pants said...

No need to apologize for singing the praises of those you love - for who they are and for what they accomplish. You've every right to be over-the-top proud! And, yes, I listened - and had my kids listen, too.
And now, thanks to you, I'm cool enough to know about Kerrang! and The Gaslight Anthem. I always appreciate any deposit in my bank of cool, so thanks for those.

Leslie said...

Thanks for your support, both for me and for the band. And always happy to spread the cool around.