Thursday, August 21, 2008

November Here We Come

The best indication that Proposition 8 will be defeated came today under the unlikely banner of Hallmark Cards. Come January Hallmark will begin to distribute cards celebrating and acknowledging same sex marriages. Marriages, mind you. Not sit in the back of the bus domestic partnerships or commitment ceremonies which sound more like involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations than joyous life unions and not even any of the other whatever shall we call these things to make sure 'they' stay in their place phrases. No. Not Hallmark. Cards celebrating same sex marriages is what they are coming out with in January. The designers have already created one card with rainbow hearts and another with matching tuxedos. My. My. My.
Surely no one would dare to challenge the mainstream appropriateness, celebrate the occasion icon called Hallmark Cards.
On the other hand, the votes aren't even cast yet. Keep on your toes and be on guard for complacency and over confidence lest we take a sharp turn back toward hatred and fear.

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Mary said...

Sometimes people just must be pc, even if it means they may make a bunch of money in doing hell with simply honoring one of lifes happy moments.