Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Take Time To Learn About Your Brain

This is one of the most amazing presentations imaginable. Devote half an hour to this video and then thank the folks at ted.com for their generosity.

Share your reactions with us. Let us know what you 'think'.


Mary said...

Amazing...and scary. How did her boss know who she was? Was she unaware that he could hear her and that she simply couldn't process his or her own speech?

I've entered comments tonight that have not shown on the original message. This started about an hour ago. Once one views what they typed, what exactly do we click on to have the reply go forward. Sometimes it differs for my screen?

Miss Crabby Pants said...

This presentation came to mind on Friday night as I was singing the shema in shul- the idea of being one, of expansiveness, of our own ability to experience godliness. It's a rich and interesting connection that I'm still mining several days later and expect to be for many days to come.