Thursday, January 29, 2009

Call to Congress

Congress has invited more corruption by offering financial institutions bailout money. One such institution was given $44.6 billion in bailout money only to turn around and give its CEO a $4 billion bonus. Why does this seem fair? Another institution, Citibank, was given billions of dollars in bailout and had ordered the manufacure of a private jet to fly its executives from place to place. I thought "bailout" meant to get these busineses up and running and out of the red - not to give the life of luxury to its executives. After word got out, Citibank cancelled its jet order. Rightfully so! How many of us Americans would love to have even one million dollars bailout? We know no such event will ever happen but, if big institutions can dream, so can the average American. If the average citizen can't get bailout, then why should these businesses receive bailout with no formal writing as to how the money will be spent. This is a call to our Congressmen that Americans are disenchanted with them. We need a stronger Congress. One who will stand up to big business bullies.

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Anonymous said...

I think they should just give all of the money to us. We could certainly get a few million apiece back into the economy.