Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Only Thing We Have To Fear

Franklin D. Roosevelt assured a terrified nation that the only thing there was to fear was fear itself. For the past several years we have been told we must fear everything. We have red alerts and yellow alerts to keep us on our toes in case we forget to be afraid. We fear terrorists attacks. We fear mudslides when it rains and brush fires when the temperature rises. We fear further financial collapse. We fear a pandemic spread by the latest sneeze.
We are a terrified nation.
Yes. There is much about which to be concerned. However, living in a state of constant terror can cause paralysis. At some point forward motion is required no matter how uncertain the direction.
Here's a thought. How about for one day we try to focus on what we have. One thing. One day.
Let's try to stay away from thoughts of 'but tomorrow I may not have that one thing'. Just one thing in which we find joy.
I gotta tell you this constant bombardment of doom and more doom is getting me down.
So give it a try. One thing you've got without editorializing about how long you'll have it.
Perhaps if we together create enough positive energy we can begin to be less afraid. Then perhaps we can move forward.
Just something to think about.


Arava said...

Thanks for the reminder- The thing is so much of what this country is going through is psychologically driven. What does it cost to be positive...nothing.

Marnie said...

Unfortunately, we live in an age of the "media" and there's nothing more newsworthy than tragedy! Too bad - I'm with you - enough of being afraid of everything. I am very grateful for having one of the nicest neighbor in the world and am thankful for my good friends. I feel good about that.