Monday, January 26, 2009

Fashion Update

The Family Dog has new shoes.
You may have noticed in a previous post that his blue shoes, while lovely, were a bit small. They were hand me downs from Pepper, of blessed memory.
Over the weekend, The Family Dog, completely embracing the value of shoes on cold New Jersey sidewalks, convinced a Family Human to accompany him to the nearest pet store where he, after much deliberation and trying on(s), selected the red shoes you see on the right.
He and the Family Human decided to hold off on the coat, however.


Leslie said...

The pet store guy said that if the coats are still there in March, they'll probably be on sale. We're holding out, if we can.

Anonymous said...

I think a red scarf would complement the red shoes.

jesse said...

do those come in nurses style or is that it.