Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration of Obama

The inauguration of Obama is one day away. During his campaign, he approached the younger people and have made them more aware and involved in politics than any other time in history. They have hope he will change our country from our financial woes, the number of foreclosures, the auto manufacturers' problems, the wars in Iraq and the Gaza Strip, etc. They hope, along with the rest of America, Obama will get the job done during his regime. Because of Obama, it is expected there will be a lot more technological advances, a tendency toward generations living with one another, affordable chic and 21st century classrooms - to name a few.

Obama will be taking the same route Lincoln took to the inauguration. He will have the same luncheon menu Lincoln had and will be sworn into office on the same Bible Lincoln used. I hope we have elected an Honest Abe.

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