Friday, January 16, 2009

So Near And Yet So Far

Yesterday at least two perfect landings of commercial jets took place very close together in time and place. The jet on which I was a passenger landed at JFK shortly after another commercial jet landed in the Hudson River. Both landings were perfect.
I flew Jet Blue with its televisions for every passenger. The mood on my jet changed dramatically as we watched the astonishing events on the Hudson River. As we descended toward JFK we flew over the Hudson. I looked out my window and saw a river full of every imaginable type of boat. My fellow passengers spoke in whispers as though decreased volume would decrease what we all felt.
There except for a flock of geese go we.
You know, we are all intimately and vibrantly connected all of the time. When things like this happen, the intensity of those connections becomes impossible to ignore.


Arava said...

Just when we needed proof that something in this country works - we get this amazing miracle.

Marnie said...

Wow - what a thing to have almost first-handedly witnessed. What a horrific scene. I'm sure you couldn't believe what your eyes were showing you. There had to be quite a hush in the plane you were on. The media is still talking about how great the pilot was.