Saturday, January 31, 2009

If There Ever Needs To Be Sunshine --

The Political Reform Act of 1974, passed overwhelmingly by California voters during the Watergate era, ended secret donations to political campaigns. California voters believed that the public should have full knowledge about who is behind its often confusing assortment of ballot initiatives.
Supporters of the state's Proposition 8 recently tried to over turn the Political Reform Act. They now think that donations to political campaigns should be kept secret. People against the proposition stopped giving their business and their money to restaurants, for example, whose owners gave money in support of the proposition. Well, come on, now! Supporters of the proposition also claimed to have been harassed and threatened by opponents of the proposition. Okay, maybe that's going too far but, give me a break, didn't they threaten the well being of gays and lesbians?
After a one hour hearing in his Sacramento courtroom, U.S. District Judge Morrison England wasn't impressed by the Prop 8 supporters whining. He summed up the matter neatly in his ruling against the proponents, saying: "If there ever needs to be sunshine on a particular issue, it's a ballot measure."
No one should live in a closet for who they are or what they believe. So, folks, if you gave money in support of Proposition 8, have the courage to do so in the light of day and take the flack. Those who publicly spoke out against the proposition certainly took a lot of it.

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Marnie said...

You're right about the "sunshine". Maybe a little of it will help clear the fog in the heads of the proponents.