Thursday, February 19, 2009

2009 California State Budget

The State of California has finally adopted a new budget subject, mind you, subject to voters' approval sometime in May of this year.

Instead of voting for the State budget as it is now written, I propose the citizens vote for:

1. Staying in bed one day a month thereby saving on gasoline, wear and tear on their car and
reducing traffic on the roads saving taxpayers money for road repair.

2. Shut off electricity one day a month thereby reducing the electricity bill. Light candles instead and be sure to keep matches nearby.

3. Go on a hunger strike one day a month. There's plenty of crab grass and weeds for fiber. Roses are especially delicious and they smell fragrant.

4. Kick cats and dogs out to fend for themselves one day a month. They're wild anyway and will probably love you even more if they can bring home their little prizes. Maybe they will bring home enough for a week thereby saving the expense of pet food.

I'm sure there is a lot more our citizens would rather vote for than the State budget. After all, the citizens would more than likely vote for the welfare of their community and not so likely to vote for the politicians' pockets.

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Anonymous said...

Why do I think that after the election it will be back to the drawing board?