Monday, February 16, 2009

Deep Breathing

Yes, it has been raining here in Southern California on and off all day. That part the weather forecasters got right. What hasn't happened, at least where I live, is their portents of doom. The hill in back of my house appears intact. I've not seen any cows swimming in my street. The sand bags I bought and filled with cat litter look pretty silly out in front of my house. Soon the neighbors will complain. The cats aren't too pleased with them, either.
The frantic near hysterical news casts this morning predicted at the very least torrents measuring in feet not inches.
What's this all about? Why must we be crazed with fear at all times? Or is it that life feels that frightening?
Here's a thought. Let's slow down and take a collective deep breath. Surely in each day there can be at least a moment or two of calm.


Marnie said...

The threat of bad things happening is a disease with the media.

Anonymous said...

I agree.