Monday, February 9, 2009

Trouble In Paradise

There was a time when they slept wrapped each in the arms and the legs and, yes, the tails of the other. They walked as though in perfect step and purred with the delight of true love.
Alas. Those idyllic times are on hiatus.
Rudolph Valentino Katz (named because he was such a lover boy) and Scraps (named because...well, never mind) are each on the outs with the other. I guess that can happen to any couple. Relationships, after all, are living things which must be nurtured and tended. What concerns wait it doesn't concern me at all. What irritates me is that they wait until I've gone to bed to give voice to their on going issues. Caterwauling is, I believe, the clinical term for what goes on.
They yowl and chase each other in circles on the bed into which I have crawled only moments before. Bed. Let me see if I remember what the thing is for. Oh yes. That's the place for which we yearn during a stressful day. That's the place where we read and drift into night's sleep. That's the place with the pillows and the comforts as well as the comforters.
Not lately in my house.
Luckily neither Scraps nor Rudy has a particularly long attention span. The 'issue addressing' only lasts a few minutes. Whoever won that round chases the other off the bed and then the victor settles down to immediately snore. The round loser paces the floor for several more minutes and then pouts to a corner to also immediately snore.
It's a sad thing when relationships are on the skids. Especially couples who have been together as long as Scraps and Rudy. I'm confident that they will work things out. I saw an encouraging sign this morning when they both showed up for breakfast. Wait. They always both show up for breakfast.
I'm going to wait awhile longer before I insist they enter couples' counseling.
In the meantime, the fur is really flying around here.

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Marnie said...

And I thought my two felines were the only two who chased each other around - and - like your 2, they wait until everybody is in bed. I've had scratch after scratch from the hind paws of one of my two. They are nocturnal animals as I'm well aware. Rarely do I get a solid night's sleep thanks to my wonderful ones. I had 3 cute ones but now with the recent absence of one of my furry friends, I thought they would certainly get along now. No such luck. Oh well, it'll probably be who gets who first while the other lays in wait to jump on the other. Cute blog Mary.