Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Swiss Have It

....or do they?

We all have known for some time about hiding money from Uncle Sam to avoid taxes but, only those rich enough could ever hide their millions/billions.

Recently, the IRS discovered that UCB Swiss Bank took millions of covert dollars from U.S. citizens and was fined $780 million by the IRS. The government has ordered the Bank to expose those individuals. Will those names be revealed to the authorities? Will the public ever know who they were? Will penalties be made? ...or, are celebrities and the rich immune to the laws of the United States? This stands to be proven.

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mikeinmagog said...

Hello, Marnie.

I was directed over here by the Blogupp link. Nice blog.

I have to keep fighting the paranoid notion that our present meltdown was caused by wannabe potentates draining all available money out of the economy and hiding it in secret bank accounts.

I live in Canada. Layoffs left and right.

Have a look at my photo blog if you get the chance.