Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pluto!

Actually, today isn't Pluto's birthday. It's the day in 1930 that Clyde Tombaugh, then a young researcher at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, discovered the moving object we came to know and love as Pluto -- our 9th planet.
In a hauntingly prophetic moment, on August 24, 2006, Pluto got laid off when the International Astronomical Union presented its definition of a planet. Sadly, that definition excluded Pluto and the little guy was reclassified as a member of a new category called dwarf planet. Upon reclassification, Pluto was added to the list of minor planets and given the number 134340.
I guess we weren't paying attention back in 2006.
If Pluto, the darling of the solar system could get laid off, why on earth -- so to speak -- didn't we figure out that by January, 2009, 7.6% of the working people in this country would be jobless?
I'm still rooting for Pluto's return to the planetary line up. Hopefully when he does return he'll be able to keep his old #9 jersey. In the meantime, I understand he's in an employment readiness program trying to straighten out his orbit.
Once Pluto gets back on the job, I think things will straighten out for the rest of us, too.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Pluto gets his jersey back and let's hope our economic woes get back on track. Hopefully, we've elected someone that can possibly put us back on orbit.

Anonymous said...

I think Pluto actually is retraining for a new job as a moon. As soon as he finds a planet that needs one, he'll be back in business. And our long cosmic nightmare will be over.

Anonymous said...

Pluto is probably pretty upset with us humans - we can't tell a planet from a "dwarf planetet". Pluto may darn well decide to become a moon and shine back on earth. What do you think of the ebb and flow of our earthly functioning?