Saturday, February 21, 2009

Help Me Understand

The Academy Awards are tomorrow night. Here in LaLa Land the tension has been building all week. Hollywood streets have been closed for days now as the Kodak Theater is readied to roll out the red carpet. I suppose by now fans are waiting to see the closest thing to royalty this country has to offer get out of cars and walk past them. It's raining and yet I imagine they are out there.
All of that is fine. We need positive stuff around which to wrap our minds.
I don't care who wins the awards.
I've only seen one of the nominated movies and that's the one driving my question.
Perhaps I missed the subtleties of his performance.
Was Heath Ledger that good or is it just that he's that dead?
Help me out here because I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

It's his makeup, which makes him look like he's dead.

MaryWalkerBaron said...

Hmmmm. Thanks, I suppose.

Marnie said...

I don't think he was that good to win the award and anonymous is right, the makeup makes him look dead. He won it because Hollywood wants to show its respect to its own kind.