Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Never Too Old

So far this week has been a great one for folks over forty-five.

First off, a 10-year-old Sussex spaniel (that’s 70 in dog years) became the oldest dog to win Best In Show in the 133 year history of the Westminster Kennel Club's annual event.
This guy had a few things besides his age going against him. First, his name is Stump. What kind of a name is that for a show dog? Second, he almost died awhile back from some sort of mysterious illness. He was retired and came out of retirement for one more show. He had doubtless invested his money with Bernard Madoff and could no longer afford retirement. It's sad when a dog house goes into foreclosure. At any rate, Stump was retired and then he wasn't just like a lot of us. To top off all of the other strikes against him, Stump is a Sussex spaniel and that breed has never before won top dog at Westminster.

Not to be out done by a senior dog, Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City today gave keys to the city to the crew of U. S. Airway's Flight 1549 for their heroism on the Hudson River.

Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger, III -- Age 58 years.
First Officer Jeffrey B. Skiles -- Age 49 years.
Flight Attendant Sheila Dail -- Age 57 years.
Flight Attendant Doreen Welsh -- Age 58 years.
Flight Attendant Donna Dent -- Age 51 years.

We are never too old to save lives, to win prizes, to go for our dreams, to live our passions, or to begin again.

Keep truckin' on!

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Marnie said...

What's that saying, "You can't teach old dogs new tricks"? I think this disproves that saying.