Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Habit Project


Before we announce our 21 day projects, let's take a moment to consider the task.
What's the goal? The first 21 day habit may and probably should be just a step in the journey.
For example, if my goal is to increase my level of physical fitness, it's just not going to work if I say that in 21 days I shall have made physical fitness a habit.
However, at the end of 21 days I may have made walking for 20 minutes a day a habit. Or using a piece of exercise equipment that for the past several years has been primarily a place for hanging wet towels. I might decide to take the towels off of it and use it for ten minutes a day.
So. Let's do some planning and thinking first.
What's the bigger goal?
What is one activity we can do every day for 21 days that will move us toward achieving that goal?

Suggestions --

Larger Goal -- Daily Activity Toward That Goal
increased physical fitness -- walk 20 minutes
speak Spanish -- study from a Spanish textbook 30 minutes
organize the house -- choose one area (shelf, cabinet) and clean/organize it
read more books -- read 10 pages from any book
lose weight -- eat a minimum of 5 servings of fruit or vegetables
improved oral hygiene -- floss

At the end of 21 days I won't have become perfectly physically fit, I won't speak fluent Spanish, my house won't be completely organized, I won't have read all of the books in my library, I won't have returned to my ideal weight, and I won't be cavity free forever. However, I will be moving toward those goals because of the habits I have formed in those 21 days. Or at least that's the theory.

Today let's spend some time selecting the goal and the activity toward that goal. Just choose one activity. What we want here is success.

Tomorrow (March 1) we'll get started.

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