Thursday, February 19, 2009

As Clear As Mud, For Example

The word irony comes from the Ancient Greek meaning hypocrisy, deception or feigned ignorance.
Hold that thought.
It is predicted that, because of the wide ranging impact of the collapsing economy, the divorce rate in California will rise alarmingly and dramatically. This prediction is of inexplicable but nevertheless great concern to the state and there is discussion about state financed ads promoting marriage. Other and perhaps more rooted in reality concerns have been expressed about whether or not state funds should be used to encourage people to either get married or stay married.
Hold that thought.
On March 5 the California State Supreme Court will hear arguments related to the passage of Proposition 8 and will decide within 90 days of that hearing whether or not to automatically divorce the 18,000 same sex couples married in the weeks after the Supreme Court declared same sex marriages legal.
How ironic is that?
Wait a second!
Perhaps I'm just being sarcastic because sarcasm, as we all know, is just bitter, cutting irony intended to taunt its target.

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Anonymous said...

Confusion is everywhere. Nobody knows what anybody is doing to anything.