Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wasn't It Yesterday - A Poem For Saying Kaddish

Wasn’t it yesterday
that you held my babies
In your arms?

You said it was your greatest joy
to hold them close
and breathe them in,
to cradle their sweet life
and whisper love in their ears.

You blessed me
When you
with stories filled with
Magic and miracles.
and tales of courage
and hope.
Through the generations
of time
you forever cuddle me
on the couch
guarding and
Building memories
made of sugar
and sprinkled
with pain.

I watch you in my dreams,
gently kissing me goodnight.
In the darkness you are illuminated
around me.
And through me.
Brushing the hair off my face
with the softness of your hands
I close my eyes.

You are dancing
Just for me.
Untethered by the air
In a swirling sparkle of mist
I hear you breathe sweetly
and easily
and I know
You are here


MaryWalkerBaron said...

Absolutely, compellingly beautiful. Thank you.

Marnie said...

What a sweet poem. Loved ones will always be held dear in our hearts forever.