Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Not Going To or Too Fast

A recent conversation pointed out the vagaries of the English language.
While sitting in her un-moving car, the rabbi of a local community said to me, "I don't think I'm going to/too fast."
She said those words and spoken words lack the clarity of being able to present the spelling.
It was clear to me that she wasn't going too fast because she wasn't moving. I wondered at her uncertainty. Noticing my confused expression, she continued by saying, "I'm not feeling well. If I announce to the congregation that because I'm ill I'm not going to fast, perhaps others will give themselves permission to have a cup of tea or a cracker during the day."
I got it.
Because her car was motionless, she was not going too fast.
Because she was ill, she was not going to fast.
Then she drove off in her then 'motioned' car careful to not go too fast.
During the day, she did drink some tea and ate a cracker because she had decided that she was not going to fast.
And we wonder why we have trouble communicating the really complicated matters life presents us.

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Anonymous said...

The English language is interesting isn't it?