Monday, October 13, 2008

That's My Story.

And I'm sticking to it.
My reputation is that of an honest person but I gotta tell you something. I'm full of stories. So are you. You, too, are sticking to your stories. That's all we've got. Our stories are our realities. Something happened. You saw it. I saw it. The event meant something to you and something completely different to me. We both have and tell our stories and both of us tell the truth -- or at least we tell our truths.
Which brings front and center the age old question of what is truth? Right now we're bombarded by stories designed to sway us to vote one way or the other.
I just saw an ad on television in favor of California's Proposition 8. The content of the ad was, to me, an outlandish distortion of my truth. If Proposition 8 does not pass, the ad claimed, same sex marriage will be forced on everyone. Come on. Really? If Proposition 8 passes men will be forced to marry men not of their own choosing and women will be forced to marry women because one of them got pregnant? People who don't love each other will marry for all of the wrong reasons because that's what they're supposed to do?
Gosh. That sounds pretty familiar.
Maybe instead of denying same sex couples the right currently enjoyed only by heterosexual couples, no one should be allowed to marry.
But what about the children, you might ask. Well, then, maybe only people who want to raise children responsibly and lovingly would commit to that life long honor and obligation.
Since marriage probably won't be outlawed completely, let's at least give same sex couples the same right to make unwise commitments currently flaunted only by self righteous, erring opposite sex couples.
That's one of my many stories. What's yours?

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Anonymous said...

I think the ad is stupid. We'll not be forced into a same sex marriage just like we won't be forced into a heterosexusal marriage. How idiotic! Who is gonna believe that stuff???? Well done Ms. Mary.