Thursday, October 23, 2008

Part D

There is a way around the Medicare "gap" or "doughnuthole" that many senior citizens find themselves in. The government did senior citizens or the disabled no good by initiating Part D Medicare. Medicare Part D covers 80% for medications while the beneficiary pays 20% up to a cap of approximately $2,100.00. When $2,100.00 is reached, the beneficiary now pays 100% for his or her medication up to approximately $5,200.00. When $5,200.00 is attained, Medicare will kick in 90% of the medication with 10% still being paid by the beneficiary. Who thought this one up?? Medicare premiums are way up and senior citizens still have to pay. Senior citizens are on a fixed income (as if this is news) making it almost impossible to buy their medications and therefore skip medications simply because they can't afford them. Oh sure, Medicare has programs for low income beneficiaries but, not too many will qualify. It's set up that way.

Senior citizens need to start shopping medications. Some pharmacies will give a 20% discount to those not insured. Big discount super markets give even bigger deals. Then there are the borders - Mexico and Canada. Pharmaceutical companies need to stop excalating costs. We need to stop filling the pockets of the CEO's of the large pharmaceutical companies. We are sick of it!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this- helped a friend understand the confusion better...