Monday, March 30, 2009

All We Do Is A Creation

Ten months ago I began writing a novel.
Today the story and the characters live independent of my involvement. Not yet published, the book has captivated -- I am told -- its first readers.
“We were talking about that guy,” a friend said. “You know the one who said…”
“What exactly,” another friend asked, “was their relationship?”
“I felt so angry when she refused … “
Words on paper. Paint on canvas. Photographs. Melodies. Figures cast in bronze. Faces found in and chiseled out of stone.
Also – Kind words. Gentle touches. Loyal friendships. Devoted families. Steadfast partners.
We are all artists creating on a daily basis. We weave the fabrics of our lives. What we create defines us, leaves us, and becomes a part of something greater.
I feel privileged to live a creative life filled with family, friends, and – yes – words.
The Hebrew phrase עברא כדברא (avra kedavra) translates into something like – With words I create.
We are more familiar with its modern usage and pronunciation – Abracadabra – the magician’s spoken spell.
With words and actions we create lives and hope for happy endings.


Tom Walker said...

This experience of creating is so powerful that I find myself still grieving over the death of a character that I created out of pure imagination.

Marnie said...

Yes, lucky are those who have CREATED bonds with family and good friends for they are the richest of all.