Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Come On In ..The Weather's Fine

There is justice in the world. Near the cattle ranch of my youth the icy waters of Turkey Creek invited swimmers on hot summer days. On one such day my mother and I accepted the invitation. I dove in first. The water was so cold that for a long moment I couldn't breathe. At least that's the way I like to remember it because my mother dove in before I could warn her. Her stunned, my blood has frozen in its veins facial expression told me that I should have tried harder to catch my breath and warn her. When our hearts again started beating, we forced our hands and legs to crawl us up the bank and to the truck and towels. When we were able to speak, my mother's first words were understandably, "Why didn't you warn me?"
Through chattering teeth, I defended myself saying, "I didn't know."
I just returned from five days in New York and New Jersey.
"You don't need to bring a coat," the family humans said to me.
"The weather is beautiful," they said.
It snowed on Friday. This morning the temperature with wind chill factor was about fourteen degrees. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were either windy and cold or cold and windy.
Back in Turkey Creek I was in a bit of a better position to make cautionary statements. I was in the water.
East Coast weather can be sneaky and unpredictable.
No hard feelings. They truly didn't know.
Besides, I had it coming.

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