Friday, March 27, 2009

How Golden Is Friendship, Anyway?

There is a whole new social etiquette about which I am unaware. Someone I never heard of asked to be my Face Book friend. I have questions. Does this guy know me? Does he know someone who knows me? If I ignore the request do I wound? If I outright decline the invitation, rude is that? I mean, does anyone ever decline that kind of invitation?
Several days have gone by since the request. Perhaps he'll just forget about the whole thing. Either that or I will forget about it until, of course, it happens again.
Are friendships something we can just ignore or decline?
I fear I've entered a social arena in which I am unable to appropriately function.

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Tom Walker said...

I've done something even colder than rejecting a Facebook friendship request. I've accepted someone that I didn't know, but after finding that she didn't have anything interesting to say, deleted her from my friends list.
I worried for awhile about how that made her feel.