Monday, March 16, 2009

The Habit Project - Preliminary Pay Offs

Here we are sixteen days into my twenty-one day what does it take to turn an activity into a habit project. For the past sixteen days I have walked a minimum of twenty minutes a day. The fact that the twenty minutes went by faster with each passing day didn't seem too remarkable.
But wait!
I live at the top of a pretty steep hill. From bottom to top is probably six hundred yards of very impressive slant.
This evening I dropped my Jeep off with Boris for some brake inspection. You all remember Boris.
I refused his offer to drive me home.
So off I stated up the canyon to get to my canyon. Within a few steps, my cell phone rang. My telephone conversation lasted until I got to my front door. Neither conversation nor walking/climbing speed slowed.
Just before I ended the call I asked the person with whom I had been speaking if it sounded like I had just walked from Boris', up the canyon, and up the hill to the front door. The caller knows that walk well.
"No way," was the response.
No way, indeed.
I wasn't even out of breath.
Here's what I'm thinking. Twenty minutes a day may not sound like a very big deal. Those twenty minutes, though, add up to miles and miles.
Sixteen days doesn't sound like much, either.
Apparently little things can add up to really big deals.
Go for it!

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