Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Habit Update

So here I am half way through the project of turning walking twenty minutes a day, using flax seed and drinking green tea into a habit.
I haven't missed a day's walking or using flax. I've missed drinking one cup of green tea.
I wouldn't say these things are habits yet. However, I am aware of them as daily routines.
The twenty minute walk happened one rainy evening in my living room. A walk is a walk is a walk.
Here is what I am noticing about all of this. Just being aware of health, life affirming routines and trying to incorporate them into daily activities makes a difference.
I'll keep you posted.


Arava said...

You inspire me! Taking time for yourself everyday has to be a good thing.

Marnie said...

I like your attitude - a walk is a walk is a walk. I haven't been able to challenge myself with your habit format, but will give it a try soon and log in my comments.