Monday, March 23, 2009

If It's Easy Does It Still Count?

The twenty-one days to forming a habit project is over. Green tea and flax seed didn't make it from project to habit. Maybe next project. However, walking at least twenty minutes a day has, I believe, become a habit.
It's easy to walk at least twenty minutes in New York City. Most of the time there is absolutely no choice. Today, however, I had a choice and I chose walking.
I got off the train at Penn Station with a destination of 56th and Lexington. There are all sorts of ways of getting there: trains, buses, cabs. I chose to walk.
It took 65 minutes to make the approximate two plus mile walk on account of traffic and other pedestrians and all. I did my best job of ignoring traffic signals and quickly walking around pedestrians. However, as five o'clock in the evening approached, the streets become congested with people. Nevertheless, I kept up a good pace. A couple of times I wondered if my decision to walk the distance had been wise but I just kept walking.
I had a choice.
I chose to get in my walk.
I think I'll find ways to do that at least most of the time from now on.
I'll keep you posted.

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Tom Walker said...

Congratulations. I now have completed 21 days of retirement, and I think it has become a habit too.