Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why It's Harder To Get From There To Here

On this day in 1963 the City of Los Angeles ended its red car line, a network of rail lines and electric streetcars connecting Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. I have lived in the Los Angeles area on an off since 1967. Practically every state wide election since my arrival has contained a bond issue related to public transportation. Today's Metro Green, Red, and Blue lines follow routes very similar to those once used by the Red Car lines. Some of those old tracks can still be seen along Santa Monica Boulevard.
Visitors to Griffith Park's Travel Town can sit in a Red Line Car and pretend they are going to the Pacific Ocean in what was once one of the finest public transportation systems in the country.
Stories float around of Los Angeles city officials selling out to General Motors. If that's true, what goes around apparently does come around.

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Marnie said...

That's correct - what goes around does come around. What else needs to be said?