Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was watching a movie on television based on a Stephen King novel, "Deperation". I was into the movie for the first 12 minutes and then a break for commercials. After the commercials, the movie was shown for another 10 minutes and another comercial break lasting approximately 6 minutes. Then the movie and commercial break for about 5 minutes. And so on and so on. It was beginning to get irritating. No sooner I'd really get back into the movie than there were comercials - not one commercial but, 12 to 14. I know, I counted them! This movie was not a "who dun it" sort of movie. You knew who did it but, you didn't know who was going to be murdered or killed by some sort of Satan being that was uncovered in an old mine. It was supposed to be a terrifying thriller - a nail biter. Much to my dismay, I wasn't terrified - I was irritated at so many commercials. The movie was probably a little over an hour but due to the many, many commerials, it's duration was close to 2 hours. Talk about desperation. I didn't care about the movie any more. I was desperate for the movie to end so I could get on line to e-mail the station showing this movie to give them a piece of my desperation.

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MaryWalkerBaron said...

I suggest Netflix. No commercials.