Saturday, November 22, 2008

Road Trip Minus Day One

Here's the plan. We will drive across country with the dog in a nine year old, one hundred fifty thousand mile Saturn. The dog weights one hundred twelve pounds. The Saturn weights a lot more. The dog is relocating to Brooklyn. He's that kind of a guy. The Saturn is also relocating to Brooklyn.
Another road trip. I love them.
Earlier today I boldly stated that I had never seen Ohio in daylight. Then I immediately retracted the statement because I have flown into Ohio and spent at least a long weekend there. You know. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and all.
That's doesn't count, though, in the world of the road trip. I won't be seeing Ohio at night this go around because we're taking the Southern route. How often, really, do you get to take a large dog to Graceland? That's not a rhetorical question.
Halfway through the AAA Trip Tik the creator of said tool reversed the page directions. I had us going back and forth between El Paso and Pecos at least a dozen times before I suspected something was off.
Let's hope I'm not the full time navigator.

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Marnie said...

I hope you're not the full time navigator - your trip could take to the end of the year. But then, you would see parts of the states you hadn't planned on and perhaps that would be a pleasant surprise.