Monday, November 24, 2008

Road Trip - Monday

Things we've learned along the way: Quartzsite barely in Western Arizona is a town of just about no people during most of the year. However, in January and February the population swells to over a million when people from all over the world encamp for several precious gem and mineral shows. One more thing about Quartzsite: Located in the town's outskirts (of course most of the town is its own outskirts) is one of the world's lesser pyramids. They called him Hi Jolly because no one in Quartzsite could master his real name, Haji Ali. He brought camels to the Western United States as part of some far flung Army project. The camels did great in the desert. Unfortunately, they terrified the horses and the mules and the cattle. The camels were shipped to other places. Hi Jolly remained and died in Quartzsite and there he is buried in his own pyramid.
We've driven to Tucson many times before, we three travelers. Each mile has a memory and its own joy or, in the case of the Courtesy Coffee Shops's closing minutes before our arrival, its own disappointment. Such is the story of roads previously traveled.
Tomorrow begins on this road trip a long stretch of road new to all of us. There are no memories attached except the ones we make for ourselves for this first time journey.

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Marnie said...

It's fun to make memories of a first time journey - adventuresome I would say. Keep alert, stop often (for dog of course) and fill your minds with those wonderful memories.